Le volume des échanges sur les échanges de bitcoins a dépassé les 2 000 milliards de dollars

May 2021, despite the drawdown of the cryptocurrency exchange rate, was a win in terms of trading volume on the exchanges. Investor activity led to an increase in trading volume to $2.27 trillion

Here are the exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the top

1. Binance

The first place in trading in currency pairs between cryptocurrencies at the Binance exchange. The number of transactions on this exchange exceeded 1.5 trillion.

2. Coinbase

The exchange is a leader in the exchange between fiat currencies and digital assets. The volume of exchange funds is $198 billion.

In April, the volume of trading in the cryptosphere was close to the figures of 2018. But May has become the most successful year in the history of cryptocurrencies.



The current price of cryptocurrency can be found on the Huobi exchange. It is the world's largest crypto exchange with profitable trading offers and low commissions.

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