Le Canada va lancer Stablecoin VCAD

Local VersaBank launches digital currency that will be able to replace traditional crypto assets and save users from volatility and concerns about the security of funds

The stable coin will be called VCAD. It will be supported by Canadian dollars, which will be deposited in the bank account. According to the head of the financial institution, this staplecoin will be one of the first to appear in North America.

The project is being implemented in cooperation with Canada Stablecorp, the 3i foundation, the blockchain company Mavennet. Collaboration allows us to solve the issues of the introduction of digital assets in the broad masses.

The digital currency will work like this. Those wishing to use the coins can leave a deposit in the bank and get the equivalent in digital currency in return. Later, the bank will also introduce VUS and VEuro for convenient settlements between customers.

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