La montée en puissance du Bitcoin stimulera l'intérêt pour le yuan numérique

The tested Chinese central bank cryptocurrency received different names - China Coin, DCEP, RMB, and Chinese CBDC. But anyway, the concept is not very different from any digital token of central banks that are working on similar projects in America and Europe.

The People's Bank of China is confident that the country has attracted a lot of attention with its national token, even amid the development of colleagues from other countries. Despite the fact that the currency of the central bank of China itself has been developed for a long time - since 2014.

Since last year, the asset began to be tested, allowing buyers to purchase various goods from certain sellers in some Chinese cities.

So far, the use of China's digital currency is extremely limited. According to the head of the research bureau of the Chinese central bank, the active growth of Bitcoin will proportionally increase interest in the digital yuan. But now there is no official launch date.

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