53,7% des Sud-Coréens soutiennent l'impôt sur le revenu

In South Korea, a new tax scheme will be introduced in 2022. The bill has generated a lot of debate, but the public seems to have supported it

A recent survey involved 500 people. Analysts' report says the Government's tax plan has received unexpectedly strong user support.

More than half (53.7%) of those who said they would like to have to go to the polls. respondents say they agree with the Government and the planned changes in the tax system. There are more women among them.

Thirty-eight.3% of respondents opposed the introduction of a 20% capital gains tax. Most of them (47.8%) are people aged 20-29 years.

This age group is a stratum of active investors, which includes 2.35 million people. They operate on the four largest platforms Of Upbit, Korbit, Bithumb and Coinone. Therefore, the new law deals with them directly.

Tax changes have caused great controversy in South Korea. Most investors believe that this law will stifle the growth of the market. The situation was heated to the limit.

The country's prime minister candidate Kim Bou Kyoum has promised to revise the bill to reduce pressure on crypto investors. Let's see how things go.

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