VBTC Exchange (Vietnam) présente le support Lightning Network

Vietnam-based cryptocurrency exchange VBTC has announced support for the Lightning Network. Now traders will have the ability to withdraw Bitcoins with reduced fees and faster transactions

The withdrawal of cryptocurrency through the network is estimated at one thousand satoshi, as well as 0.2% of the transaction amount. This is beneficial since the usual BTC withdrawal costs on average, 100 thousand satoshis (0.001 BTC).

The news was published a couple of days after another significant event. The exchange has integrated SegWit support. Grouping transactions further reduces transfer fees.

The Lightning Network supports a couple of dozen exchanges. In 2020, after a software update, the network was powered by Bitfinex and River Financial. In January 2021, support was launched by the British exchange CoinCorner. OKCoin, like Kraken, is still working on integration.

Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark said the launch of the Lightning Network on VBTC is a major event across Asia. The technology is driving the spread of Bitcoin payments and has tremendous potential.