Le volume des échanges sur les principales bourses a dépassé 1 billion de dollars

Crypto-trading intensified in March. More than a trillion dollars passed through the exchanges

A similar result would be in February. According to the chart, the spot volume was $1.17 trillion. That's 5 percent lower than last month ($1.23 trillion).



Binance is the undisputed leader in trading activity. Its share is 65%. In cash terms it is more than $757 billion.

In second place Is Huobi with its 210 billion. In third place is OKEx. Trading activity on this exchange also decreased by 15%. In monetary terms, this figure amounted to 173 billion.

The increase in trading volume is associated with an increase in the price of TOP cryptocurrencies. Among them are BTC, ETH, BNB. Bitcoin is trading again at $60,000. And the rest installed ATH - ETH ($2150) and BNB ($356).



As the price of cryptocurrencies increased, miners made a high profit. We have already written that the miners' earnings amounted to 1.5 billion dollars.

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