Le coût élevé d'Ethereum accélère la croissance de BNB

This week, the price of ETH set a new historical high. The coin went up to $1,900. This made transactions on the Ethereum network unprofitable due to high commissions. But the cryptocurrency Binance is thriving

The price of BNB coins increased by 40% during the day. This is the most active growth in the entire history of this cryptocurrency. Previously, there were also a few green candles, but such activity was not noticed.

The price increase did not start immediately after the last burning of tokens, and appeared now. This is due to the mass migration of DeFi users to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Despite the pullback at the weekend, the BNB coin is still in third place in the cryptocurrency top. Its annual minimum was recorded on March 16, 2020. The price of the cryptocurrency fell to $9.49. Today the coin is traded at $275.

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