Lancement du programme Binance Pool Volunteers

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance invites miners, owners of mining equipment, as well as management of mining pools to join Binance Pool

To this end, a new Binance Pool Volunteers program was launched at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on March 25th, where they can participate:

  • Top 10 users who have won in the ranking of referral hashrates;
  • Binance Pool miners and users supplying computing power to Binance Pool;
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who manage the mining community with more than 150 members.

Participants will receive a lot of lucrative bonuses. Let's list the main ones:

  • Increased referral rate. Volunteers will be charged 30%-50% of referral rates.
  • A fixed bonus for monthly attraction of a certain number of referrals.
  • Gift merch. Exclusive products with the logo of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, as well as a virtual volunteer badge in the stock market profile.
  • Also, all volunteers will receive VIP rights.

To get the above benefits, you must comply with the basic requirements:

  1. You need to attract at least 20 active users to Binance Pool per month.
  2. Invited users must contribute at least 1Ph/s to the pool for BTC mining and at least 10Gh/s for ETH.
  3. Every month you need to organise at least two events, spend at least 3 hours on community development.
  4. You also need to actively promote the mining pool Binance, create a positive image, and help users in solving current problems.

To become a Binance Pool volunteer, you need to apply. After reviewing applications within a month, the company will identify 20 users who will receive the high rank of Binance Pool Volunteer.

Each volunteer will perform his duties for 3 months, after which he can either leave his post or apply for re-participation in the program. Binance management will evaluate its activities and either approve the application or refuse.

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