Binance supprime les comptes associés à l'échangeur Suex russe

The head of the largest crypto exchange Binance stated that accounts associated with the scandalous Russian crypto exchange Suex have been removed from the platform.

Changpeng Zhao supported the OFAC sanctions upon Suex, saying that Binance also tracked several accounts whose wallets were associated with the exchange and removed them from its platform for internal security reasons.

The crypto exchange has passed the information obtained during the internal investigation to the relevant authorities and is ready to continue cooperation with them in order to establish the identities of the attackers who abuse the Binance functionality. At the same time, representatives of the exchange didn't specify exactly which addresses of wallets out of 25 previously included in the OFAC blacklist were discussed. Some of them have been idle for several years, while others carried out transactions in August this year.

Analysts at Chainalysis claim that all but two of the addresses featured in the activities of the Suex crypto exchange were used to trade digital currencies on the most massive exchanges. In addition to Binance, the exchange wallets of Huobi accounts also appeared in the transactions leading to the exchanger. However, the staff of the latter has not yet commented on this matter.

Most likely, Suex's activities were not limited to only 25 cryptocurrency wallets. Therefore, it is not yet known whether law enforcement powers, in collaboration with OFAC, will be able to detect other crypto-addresses used in the exchange of illegal funds using Suex.

On September 22, a channel appeared on Telegram, the author of which published several entries about the activities of Suex and the connection of employees and shareholders of the service with the Exmo crypto exchange. Soon, access to the channel was closed, but 13 transactions in the amount of 654.1 BTC, the data about which the author posted, arrived at one of the exchanger's crypto addresses from the Wex exchange. Most of them are dated February 2021.

Meanwhile, Suex co-owner Yegor Petukhovsky denies any involvement of the business in illegal activities and is ready to defend his position in an American court. He decided to focus on the litigation, having previously resigned from the shareholders and employees of the crypto exchange bot Chatex. The businessman announced this on Facebook, from where photos with him were previously taken in the Wex office located in Moscow. Their entrepreneur has not yet commented.

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