Jack Dorsey n'est toujours pas intéressé par Ethereum

Twitter's CEO remains oblivious to ETH as a safe purchase, despite the 140 NFTs distributed by the Ethereum blockchain team.

Yesterday, good news appeared on the web for all fans of collecting non-fungible tokens. The Twitter team suggested getting a random “artifact” of 140 unique NFTs. After that, one of the users dared to assume that the moment when Dorsey invests in Ethereum will come sooner or later. The businessman himself immediately replied “no”, making it clear that he is devoted exclusively to Bitcoin.

His laconic response immediately caused a storm of outrage on social networks. For example, Adam Cochran of Cinneamhaim Ventures responded with criticism of Dorsey for being “Bitcoin maxi”, while his social network mints NFT at the expense of the Ethereum network. Cochran jokingly advised Dorsey to take part on behalf of the United States in the 2021 Olympics, where the jury will be able to appreciate his level of "mental gymnastics".

It is worth noting that in addition to Twitter, Dorsey also runs Square, a company with a deep interest in cryptocurrencies. But, apparently, this does not affect the thesis that Dorsey only has Bitcoins, which he published on his Twitter account two years ago.

At the BTC conference this June, he stressed that "Bitcoin transforms everything," adding that "there is hardly anything in the world that is more favorable for all people." Not to mention the fact that since 2018 Dorsey has frequently expressed the idea that BTC will become a unitary money on the Internet while refusing to use any altcoins at the same time.

What is the reason for such a dislike for ETH and other tokens on the part of the founder of Twitter is still unclear. Especially against the background of the fact that other billionaires like Mike Novogratz see potential in ETH and suggest that someday it may even push Bitcoin on the pedestal.

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