L'équipe Ethereum n'a pas peur d'une attaque à 51%

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said that he is now actively working to eliminate a possible 51% attack and other blockchain vulnerabilities.

After the developers of the Ethereum team made the “fatal” change to EIP-1559 on Twitter, and the entire crypto community as a whole, thousands of disgruntled comments from miners thundered. They were not satisfied with the fact that after the update they will be deprived of part of the reward.

Initially, EIP-1559 aims to reduce fees for all transactions on the Ethereum network. The developers proposed a solution when a part of each commission for the operation performed by the user will be sent “back” to the Ethereum network, and the number of coins that will be allocated in this way will simply “burn”, reducing the total volume of ETH in circulation.

In honor of this event, a team of miners decided to combine their hash rates in a common Ethermine pool and fight against EIP-1559 for 51 hours. There is another group of indignant - SparkPool. Perhaps, by joining forces, they will indeed be able to carry out a 51% attack, but Vitalik assured that the developers will easily cope with any “uprising” on the part of users.

Buterin also clarified that they will be able to quickly move to ETH 2.0 if urgently needed. However, an attempt to move to a solution in a couple of days, the development of which took several years, does not sound convincing yet.

According to the creator of Ethereum, the unloading of the network after EIP-1559 will have a positive effect on the price of ETH, because commissions will be received not by miners, but by users. Consequently, the rate should rush up.

We will see how viable this forecast will be in April.

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