68% des investisseurs sont intéressés par l'ETH

Against the background of the bull market of cryptocurrencies, let's see what the numbers tell us. Here's an analysis of the interests of crypto investors from several sources

According to Kryptoszene.de, ETH is becoming increasingly popular. 68% of investors add the second most important cryptocurrency to their portfolio. In social media, the balance has also shifted towards ETH.

According to Handelszeitung, 18% more people invest in Bitcoin than in Ethereum. And only 14% of respondents said that they are not interested in crypto-investments in Bitcoin.

Based on these data, we can say that there is now more trust in cryptocurrencies than before. Indicators also show that demand for Ethereum has grown more than on Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Analyzing tweets on Twitter over the past week, users expressed a negative attitude to BTC in 23.2 thousand tweets. Positive position for 95.5 thousand users. The number of negative mentions of ETH is 4% lower.

Google Trends mentions more about its intention to buy Ethereum than Bitcoin. However, despite this, Bitcoin is still the dominant coin in most portfolios.

37% of investors on eToro own Bitcoin. And only 29% hold ETH. So Bitcoin, despite the decline in its market dominance, is still the undisputed leader.

This can be seen even in such an indicator as the age of wallets. For example, BTC on average holds "old hands" wallets from 3.1 years old, and the age of ETH holders on average 1.5 years. Let's see what happens next.

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