L'UFC lance des Fan Tokens sur la plateforme Chiliz

The UFC will launch dedicated fan tokens as early as next month. The MMA League announced this a year after starting a partnership with the blockchain platform Chiliz, which offers sports fans unique tokens of their favorite clubs and celebrities.

Chiliz primarily targets football clubs that issue their own coins. However, representatives of other sports are now starting to join them. These “tokens” can be used by fans to participate in club voting, bringing even more income to their favorite team. Now MMA fans and, in particular, UFC organizations can do the same.

Today, the UFC fan base is over 625 million fans around the globe. Now the organization has an even more convenient way to communicate with them. The issue of $UFC coins will be over 20 million, and their owners will have access to unique rewards, chats, votes, and, of course, exclusive promotions.

The launch comes just at a time when the Socios platform, in collaboration with the Chiliz team, is expanding its influence beyond European borders. Chiliz has allocated over 50 million to attract US sports fans. Whether this will be enough to divert attention from baseball and rugby to MMA and football is still unknown.

Today Chiliz cooperates with almost all international sports organizations and has no plans to stop. Who knows, maybe tomorrow the company will announce a partnership with your favorite club?

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