L'Ermitage présentera une exposition d'objets NFT

The Hermitage, a well-known Russian museum, collects materials for the epic exhibition of NFT objects. It is trained by the Department of Contemporary Arts.

Museum workers proudly declare that this exhibition in Russia is the first major "study of art objects NFT." Its visitors will be able to see firsthand the application of modern technology in the art industry.

The Hermitage began working on the search for fresh formats a couple of years ago - in 2018, when Hermitage announced that it was interested in new forms of art. A year later, it held an exhibition entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Dialogue of Cultures" in which Hermitage showed how one of the most promising industries of our time in art objects can be applied. Now, however, surprising people will be expensive NFT.

It is not yet known which objects will be displayed to the visitors. However, mentioned among them in theory, is the most expensive works, like "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" by digital artist Beeple, sold not so long ago for 70 million dollars.

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