L'artiste robotique Gaka-Chu dévoile les premiers chefs-d'œuvre de NFT

While artists sell their paintings for $70 million in NFT tokens, they could soon compete with artificial intelligence in the person of the robot-creator Gaka-Chu.

According to the creators, this small manipulator KUKA in the world of soulless industrial machines is ready to show the world its first NFT masterpiece. Representatives of the Robonomics platform announced this today in the official Twitter account of the inanimate artist.

Gaka-Chu was the first robot whose work is placed on the Rarible site, where the auction will take place. Now you can see four works on your account: "XRT," "Ethereum," "Kusama" and "XRT address."

Robonomics claims that they soon intend to demonstrate and sell the works of their "subordinate" on another popular auction platform Opensea. By the way, in addition to online auctions, original works in their physical incarnation will be able to be seen in the Museum of Art and Science at St. Petersburg University ITMO.

So far, the above estimate is the picture of the robot called "Ethereum." It's $1,696. As a preview, you can see the process of drawing a picture with the KUKA manipulator. The results of the auction will be known only on March 30.

We will monitor those whose masterpieces will be more in demand among buyers on NFT-platforms - robots or people.

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