Le commerçant de hamster, M. Gox, négocie des crypto-monnaies sur Twitch

A hamster trader is unlikely to be able to surprise even one of the crypto enthusiasts. But what if we are not talking about a metaphor, but about a very real representative of the hamster family who trades cryptocurrencies on the exchange?

Naturally, we are not talking about some mutated rodent that has a superintelligence, thanks to which it was able to learn how to trade digital currencies. In this difficult task, he was helped by the owner, who decided to arrange a show from his creative idea on the popular streaming service Twitch.

The rodent's name is Mr. Goxx, and its developer-owner has carefully constructed a special cage, connecting a running wheel and several tunnels to sensors that detect movement. He showed the diagram on Twitter so that viewers have at least a rough idea of ​​how exactly this whole "system" functions.

While the hamster is spinning the wheel, the system starts scrolling through the list of cryptocurrencies available for trading, and when he leaves the wheel, it selects the asset on which the “scrolling” stopped. With the help of the tunnels, the hamster also determines the action, the purchase of tokens, or their sale.

Now the portfolio of the furry "businessman" consists of 10 different tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. At the same time, the rodent made 34 purchases and 15 sales of its crypto assets, and its total trading volume exceeded 1,330 euros. True, like his human “brothers”, Mr. Goxx has not yet made a profit, since the amount of losses amounted to more than 13 euros. It is worth noting that at first the hamster even came out in plus, but then he began to make unprofitable trades.

The owner of the hamster hastened to calm down possible claims from animal rights activists, stressing that the animal is in a cheerful mood and well-being, living like other representatives of its species. Mr. Goxx runs his "business" at night Berlin time, but his success can always be assessed using the statistics on Twitter, which is maintained by its owner.

In 2018, one of the representatives of the hamsters was already entrusted with cryptocurrency predictions. Then Coinspot launched their YouTube show called Hamster Insider. During it, the rodent determined how the market will develop in the next 10 days. But the show turned out to be quite short and only 2 episodes were released on the video hosting.

And while everyone is laughing at Mr. Goxx, we want to prove to him that hamsters can trade as well as humans. After all, in the end, it is representatives of our species who invest in "meme" tokens.

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