Le domaine DeFi nécessite un cadre juridique

Experts are convinced that the DeFi industry requires a regulatory framework to be integrated into real finance. In their opinion, this task should become one of the top priorities for regulators around the world.

MakerDao founder Rune Christensen is convinced that decentralised finance had to go through an “isolated bubble” phase and achieve global integration with real finance. He announced this at the summit, which was organised by the World Economic Forum.

Lithuanian Minister Ausrine Armonaite is convinced that regulators should “punish” the crypto industry less and not fight it, but rather promote the spread of financial innovations. Among other things, they talked about DeFi projects.

According to Armonayte, Government officials are required to maintain a constructive dialogue with members of the crypto community in order to reduce investor risks and, at the same time, not impede financial innovation.

If the claims of regulators against the crypto industry come to naught, then digital currencies will attract even more talented personnel to develop decentralised finance.

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