Poly Network publie une feuille de route pour récupérer 600 millions de dollars presque volés par un pirate informatique

The Poly Network development team has shared a roadmap detailing how to return funds to customers whose cryptocurrency holdings may have suffered as a result of a recent hack.

Naturally, we are talking about that scenario, if the burglar decided to appropriate the stolen goods for himself, and not return all $600 million to the project. In addition, according to Poly Network, he politely declined the $500,000 reward, stating that it was just "pampering" for him. At the same time, some members of the crypto community on Twitter considered this to be just an "advertising" move on the part of the hacker himself, who secretly wants to cooperate with the company as a security specialist.

The work on the restoration of the protocol was divided by the team into several stages. As soon as they found out what the vulnerability was, they immediately began to fix it. Now the code is being audited by several groups of professionals within the company, and in the future the team wants to launch a program with rewards for those who managed to find bugs. As soon as the audit is completed, the developers will begin to restore the cross-chain functionality.

The major step after "fixing" the protocol will be to update the mainnet. The company clarified that the activation of the extended functionality has now been postponed. Instead, they intend to launch only the core functionality.

According to the developers, they have a long way to go before returning users control over their assets. Even in spite of the fact that cooperation with the hacker turned out to be fruitful, and the incident itself occurred with minimal losses.

In terms of stolen funds, about $238 million is now being transferred to 3 out of 4 multisig wallets. The team waits for the hacker to complete the final authorization of transactions using the key. At the same time, more than $33 million in USDT equivalent is still frozen by Tether, which said it was already working on a solution to the problem.

After a full return of assets to the project's wallets, Poly Network will try to return control over them to clients as soon as possible by resuming cross-network services and transaction pairs after the smart contract renewal is over.

Now, developers can only hope for the patience of users. Some of them are unlikely to be delighted with the level of security of the protocol. The other, on the contrary, will only be glad that the case received such a positive ending, and their funds were returned in full.

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