Ankr en hausse de 137%

Ankr started to grow after becoming the top validator of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform. The 137% growth was primarily driven by key performance improvements, integration with BSC and new partnerships.

The Ankr protocol makes it as easy as possible for users to access multiple blockchains at once, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polkadot. With the help of a cloud solution, you can deploy nodes in a matter of minutes, which attracts not only users, but also blockchain developers.

ANKR token hit a record high of $0.067 today. At the same time, its capitalisation broke through the $420 million mark.

Shortly before the primacy among the Binance Smart Chain validators, Ankr was listed on the HitBIT cryptocurrency exchange, which also had a positive impact on the value of the token.

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