La pire banque britannique met en garde ses clients contre les arnaqueurs cryptographiques

NatWest has notified its users about possible digital currency frauds that they may face.

The majority of clients of the mobile banking application of NatWest have begun to receive a notification about a possible scam related to cryptocurrencies. Previously, the institution itself has shown the worst performance in the UK in the fight against fraudsters and in handling complaints from bank customers. The reason for the mass mailing of threat notifications in the bank was motivated by the fact that from January to March of this year they received a record number of scam reports.

The bank drew the attention of consumers to one type of fraud when a person or group of people installed an application to remotely access their victim's device and use it to send funds to their purses. In most cases, the fraudsters gain the trust of the victim by posing as a celebrity or a successful trader and offer to fund something “promising” by installing a crypto wallet application. As a result, the project naturally turns out to be a fake, like the "celebrity" herself. Then the money disappears. Such fakes have long been common in the crypto community on Twitter. But, apparently, only now the British bank decided to notify consumers of their existence.

The head of NatWest's Fraud Prevention Department clarified that the increased interest in digital currencies has created dozens of new types of scams and significantly "revived" criminal activity. He urged customers to be vigilant and less trusting in fake websites and celebrity-portrayed cryptocurrency advertisements, clarifying that in Q1 2021 they blocked the sending of millions of pounds to the wallets of criminals.

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