Un résident de Pologne a donné 78800 $ aux fraudeurs de la cryptographie

Scammers in the cryptosphere do not sleep. Another high-profile incident occurred in Poland. 300,000 zlotys were stolen from the victim's account

A resident of the Polish city of Opole appealed to the police with a statement that about $79,000 had been stolen from her account. And she helped the scammers steal the money.

Earlier, before the incident, she was approached by a scammer, posing as an investor in cryptocurrencies. He offered to make money. To choose from, she was presented with two ways to quickly get rich:

  • Invest $5,000 in BTC and transfer the Bitcoins to the address specified by the scammers.
  • Transfer 100,000 zlotys to bank account.

The victim chose the second option. On the recommendation of the criminal, she installed a computer remote control program on her PC.

The fraudster easily gained access to her bank account, then pressed the victim emotionally, forcing him to call the authorisation code in an online bank, and withdrew the money.

Police investigated and the money transfer was blocked. The fraud case is under investigation. The culprit has not yet been found.

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