Fuite de plus de 3 millions d'adresses e-mail d'utilisateurs de CoinMarketCap

After the hack of the popular aggregator of the value of digital currencies CoinMarketCap, a database of 3.11 million e-mails of registered participants of the platform was discovered on the network.

On October 22, representatives of the service Have I Been Pwned, which specializes in cybersecurity and detection of user data leaks, reported that more than 3 million email accounts of users of the subsidiary of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance CoinMarketCap were posted on several hacker forums.

The latter, in turn, confirmed the leak of user data, comparing the information received from Have I Been Pwned with its own database of accounts. However, at the same time, she clarified that the database they saw on the network contained only the email addresses of users without passwords. Thus, according to CoinMarketCap, hackers were unable to gain access to either users' mailboxes or their accounts.

This also led CoinMarketCap specialists to the idea that if the database did not contain passwords, it was most likely obtained using a third-party platform, one where users' email addresses were already flashing, with which they registered an account on a cryptocurrency aggregator.

Members of the crypto community on Twitter also suggested that a parser program, the irresponsibility of one of the administrators of the web resource from which the hackers fished out the data, or a data leak performed directly by one of the admins, could be responsible for the leak. Some even shared screenshots with Have I Been Pwned, where it was stated that their mailing address was also "lit up" in the database leaked by hackers.

The latest similar hack was the attack on Coinbase. Then the attackers used an exploit of the multifactor authentication system, gaining access to the e-mails of the marketplace's customers and their Coinbase accounts. The volumes of assets stolen during the hacking were never made public, and the crypto exchange itself was inundated with thousands of complaints from account holders devastated by cybercriminals.

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