Des millions d'utilisateurs XRP ont été victimes d'escrocs

Millions of users have been attacked by XRP scammers in the last month. This was stated by the analytical company XRP Forensics, which monitors large transactions involving the Ripple cryptocurrency.

One of the aspects of the team's work is to constantly monitor new types of XRP token fraud in the market. On their Twitter, they decided to share the results of the analysis of changes in the situation over the past month.

A large shipment of "petty" XRP was the transfer of 2.5 million XRP tokens, equivalent to 3.62 million, to the Kraken and KuCoin cryptocurrency exchanges. All of them, according to the analytical group, were obtained as a result of fraudulent "giveaways" of coins on the network. At the same time, most of the tokens were stolen by cybercriminals back in December 2020. And some of them even a year before that. In total, the amount of tokens stolen from XRP holders has exceeded 3.6 million over the past month. To do this, the attackers used several web resources at once with a fake distribution of tokens. Of this amount, more than 900,000 remain “not laundered” yet.

XRP Forensics claim that the scammers have special wallets on the Kraken, KuCoin, and even Binance exchanges, where they “transfer” the loot. At the same time, some of them have long been marked with a “scam flag” within the analytical firm. This week, analysts tried to contact KuCoin representatives, citing a specific scammer wallet. However, in response, they were asked to send a standard ticket to customer support.

Companies, while responding to such requests from people monitoring fraudulent transactions, cannot completely counter them. Therefore, we advise users to just be vigilant and not believe in "free coins". Except when the distribution is reported by the project representatives themselves, who are the issuers of the cryptocurrency. But, unfortunately, even this does not always work, since the market is full of exit scam cases.

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