Des hackers ont piraté les réseaux sociaux officiels de la Corée du Sud à 3 reprises

The activity of South Korean hackers is growing right before our eyes. No sooner had the police found those responsible for the YouTube hack of South Korea's National Museum of Modern Art than the government's official YouTube account was damaged.

Google, along with the Seoul cybercrime unit, have been put on alert as scammers accessed a South Korean government channel and renamed it "SpaceX Invest".

Soon, the channel started broadcasting a video about cryptocurrencies and an interview with the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, appeared.

Along the way, the Twitter account of the Venezuelan division of the accounting giant PwC was hacked. Classic phishing activity appeared in the account with the distribution of cryptocurrency.

Clicking on the link took the user to a fake Ripple Labs website, where users were prompted to send an amount in Ripple (XRP) to a specific address, after which they were promised more money in return.

It took quite a long time to eliminate the crime:

  • Government YouTube managed to return under control only after 4 hours.
  • Twitter was restored after 8 hours.

It is worth noting that Musk's personality is regularly copied for all sorts of fraud in the cryptosphere. Previously, the head of Tesla has already complained to YouTube management that they are not fighting enough fake ads. As you can see, this is indeed the case.

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