Hacker a rendu 141 millions de dollars à Poly Network en joignant une lettre d'adieu

The attacker who hacked the Poly Network protocol gave the project developers access to the remaining assets in the amount of $141 million after a high-profile “crypto heist” for $600 million.

The Poly Network team, however, like most of the crypto community in social networks, expected the end of the hack, "worth" $ 600 million. And now, this day has come. The hacker who stole the money addressed the development team in his letter, calling the incident "one of the craziest adventures in their lives." The full text of the letter, along with the address published by the hacker, was published in a tweet by Chinese journalist Colin Wu.

The key passed by the attacker allows Poly Network representatives to gain access to $141 million in the equivalent of stolen cryptocurrency hackers. Now the team can only wait for the decision on the $33 million USDT stablecoins previously frozen by Tether.

Poly Network, in turn, thanked the hacker for his honesty, adding that the key sent to him worked. As proof, they attached an Ethereum transaction to their tweet, which is a confirmation of the transfer of funds.

In his letter, the cracker stated that the reason for such a sudden delay in the transfer of funds was pending a decision by Tether regarding the amount they previously blocked. The hacker called the decision of this "additional waiting" selfish of him and said that he wanted to make the unlocking of USDT stablecoins "a perfect example of building trust between anonymous opponents, highlighting the power of smart contracts." He also called it funny that many considered the incident a PR stunt.

While the Poly Network incident ended on a positive note, it will forever go down in DeFi history as the largest theft of cryptocurrency equivalent money. At least until someone is able to surpass this illegal “record”.

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