Un gang chinois d'escroquerie crypto arrêté en Turquie

18 scammers originally from China tricked 101 migrants to Turkey, seized passports and forced to work in a fake cryptocurrency center

Nine villas were rented to commit illegal acts where the victims were placed. Migrants were restricted from moving, forcing them to work in shifts as cryptocurrency consultants.

They attracted Chinese citizens by advertising earnings on cryptocurrencies. The essence of the advertising offer was to invest in a consulting company, which promised to double the income with the help of experienced traders. Naturally, no money was paid to the investors.

The fraud came to light when two injured migrants found a way to escape from a secure villa and contacted the police. They stated that they were forced to work and their freedom of movement was restricted.

Police carried out the raid which involved 30 teams and more than a hundred police officers. 712 mobile phones, 112 computers, 677 SIM cards and many hard drives were confiscated during the raid.

101 people and 18 suspects were detained at the scene. Six suspects who are guilty were sent to prison. Migrant workers were handed over to the embassy for assistance. An investigation is underway.

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