Des fraudeurs déguisés en cadeau d'Elon Musk ont ​​volé 580000 $ en BTC

A scam is rampant on social media through which $580,000 in BTC was once again tricked. Scammers collect cryptocurrency under the guise of Bitcoin giveaways from Elon Musk. 

Hackers use a standard scheme to work:

  1. Hack a verified profile of any user marked with a blue checkmark.
  2. Then they add a photo and mask the profile as much as possible as an account belonging to some well-known media personality. For example, under the profile of the CEO of Tesla.
  3. Then they add a message in which they offer to participate in the distribution of free cryptocurrency.
  4. The user follows a link to a fraudulent website. And then everything is arranged like this: "send me 1 Bitcoin, and I will send you 2 back."

Musk was a target of crypto scammers for a reason. He is a popular media personality. Often writes about crypto on Twitter. Many people read and repost his tweets, and it is not surprising that his name is associated with cryptocurrencies.

The scammers are so advanced that user wallet addresses may contain the word "Musk". One of these wallets managed to deceive $5,000 in one transaction.

In addition to Musk, many popular users of the cryptosphere - stars, politicians, businessmen - face fraud on their behalf. Twitter said in 2020, it will introduce new security measures, but so far crypto hackers are thriving.

A typical scam tweet is similar to the one below. The link is a malicious site that promises to double Bitcoins after sending them to the specified wallet address. Of course, nothing is returned to those who paid the fee.

Unfortunately, despite the measures taken (blocking fake accounts), the number of defrauded users is constantly growing. This is reported by the compilers of the Bleeping Computer report.