Un fraudeur vole 2,2 millions de dollars en BNB prétendant être membre de r / WallStreetBets

Telegram users have fallen prey to scammers posing as representatives of the r/WallStreetBets subreddit. As a result of the actions of the attackers, the total losses of the victims from their actions exceeded 2 million.

With the help of the Telegram messenger, a scammer under the nickname Crypto Pumps suggested users purchase a new digital currency called WSB Finance, which "has not yet been listed on any exchange." Few could resist such a lucrative offer, realizing that even not the most famous altcoins bring solid claims after listing, and even more so, the project of the founder of r/WallStreetBets.

As payment for his “generous” offer, the seller invited possible buyers to send a certain amount in the equivalent of BNB or ETH tokens to his wallet. Then he asked them to write to a special “token bot” to get their share of WSB Finance coins. He positioned the coin itself as the token of the WSBDapp application, created by the head of the r/WallStreetBets community, Jaime Rogozinski.

Of course, no one ever received the promised coins. It's funny that the scammer decided not to stop there and soon some users began to receive error messages in the bot. The attacker asked them to make a repeat transaction for the same value, otherwise, they would allegedly waste their investments. It’s sad to think that someone bought into this too, enriching the swindler even more. After the coins were not transferred to him, he began to write messages with mockery, and then wrote to one of the deceived that he would “buy a Lambo".

The total volume of tokens that r/WallStreetBets members transferred to the cheater's account is 3451 BNB or $2.22M at the current asset price of $645 on the Binance exchange. And that's not taking into account the volume of Ethereum also sent to the scammer's wallet.

Now Crypto Pumps Telegram account has already been deleted in Telegram, and the scammers most likely have already withdrawn the funds. The community r/WallStreetBets, in turn, once again urged not to believe in dubious offers on their behalf, checking all the information in the pinned messages of the subreddit. Unfortunately, this is the maximum that they could help the victims in the current situation.

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