Europol a aidé à arrêter un tueur de crypto-monnaie italien

Europol helped Italian police arrest a 40-year-old Italian citizen who was suspected of hiring a hitman through the darknet. Together, they analyzed cryptocurrency transactions, identifying not only 4 financial transfers, but also an intermediary between the customer and the contractor. A group of darknet assassins called "Assassins" is involved in the case. Now the mediator will also appear before the court.

The attacker ordered a hitman for his ex-girlfriend, asking him to pour acid on the girl's face and make her disabled. For this, he transferred him 10,000 euros in several payments in the equivalent of Bitcoins.

As planned, everything that happened was supposed to resemble an attempted robbery, so the killer was ordered to steal her bag. The attacker had forwarded the girl's personal data to the killer in advance, including her Facebook account. The customer himself turned out to be an IT specialist of one of the largest companies in the Lombardy region.

The above is reminiscent of the plot of a modern-day thriller. But in fact, this is the first time that the Italian Postal and Communications Police managed to catch a criminal so quickly

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