De faux pirates anonymes font la promotion du jeton Anon Inu

A group of unknowns on behalf of hackers Anonymous announced their own "meme token" Anon Inu, created to fight Elon Musk and China because of his repressive measures against digital currencies. They talked about their plans to launch a token in a video on their personal YouTube channel.

Apparently, there is a new addition to the list of Dogecoin heirs. But this time it will not be used to make money, but for a “cryptocurrency war” with those who were caught by scammers posing as the Anonymous group in manipulating the digital currency market.

In June, hackers have already declared “war” on Elon Musk for disdaining the working class by deliberately changing the rates of various cryptocurrencies. China, however, was accused of not only introducing restrictive measures for mining, but also of banning transactions involving tokens for representatives of the local cryptomarket in the face of payment systems and blockchain companies. In addition, according to the authors of the video, it is the Chinese authorities who are responsible for the latest roller coaster of the price of the main cryptocurrency on the market. The reason for the volatility, according to Anonymous, was the launch of the digital yuan and the forced migration of Chinese miners.

The project does not have a clear roadmap, but Anon Inu holders have already been promised a distribution of free tokens, unique NFTs and other preferences. At the same time, the group also noted that it intends to send part of the proceeds from the token to dog shelters.

According to PooCoinCharts, the value of Anon Inu tokens skyrocketed to $0.00238 within hours of the announcement. For comparison, the current exchange rate for the “progenitor of memecoins” DOGE on Binance is $0.176.

At the same time, the Anonymous BSC account, leading the fight against scammers in the cryptocurrency industry, warned of possible fraud of the creators of Anon Inu. They claim that the project is backed by the same team that previously defrauded the investors AnonGate and GodToken. In addition to the new project, a parody of Dogecoin, Anonymous who presented themselves as hackers are also the developers of ProjectMoon.

A Twitter account linked to a real hacker group, @YourAnonNews, with over 6.5 million subscribers, has previously denied their involvement in the supposedly official Anonymous YouTube channel.

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