Le maire de Miami veut attirer les mineurs chinois dans la ville

Miami's mayor intends to lure Chinese miners' attention, whose activities were closed by the local government. He will offer them access to nuclear energy that fully covers their requirements for mining cryptocurrencies.

Miners from China were forced to look for a new haven for their facilities after the State Council of the People's Republic of China decided to ban the mining of digital currencies on an industrial scale in order to take care of the environment. At the same time, more than 50% of all miners in the world are still on the territory of the country and where exactly their “mass exodus” will begin is still unknown.

Meanwhile, the convergence of crypto enthusiasts in Miami is growing rapidly, and at the same time, the number of the mayor's ideas is increasing. This time, his eyes were attracted by miners from China, forced to suspend their activities at home due to tough government measures.

According to Suarez, Miami has a sufficient supply of nuclear power to cover all the necessities of miners seeking to use sources of "green" sources. This is mainly true today when the issue of ecology has become even more worried about the minds of people who now and then accuse "bitcoin" of destroying our planet.

Suarez clarified that he hasn't received any requests from Chinese miners yet, but intends to attract and encourage a potential new community by serving endless supplies of nuclear power for them at affordable prices. Thanks to the Turkey Point atomic energy plant, located an hour's drive from the city, Miami is well supplied with this type of energy, therefore it is ready to generously share it with cryptocurrency businessmen. The average price of kWh here is 10.7 cents, while the other state's average price is 13.3 cents. Suarez is talking with Florida Power Light Company in hopes of lowering power prices. In addition, in Florida, nuclear energy is the 2nd most popular source of electricity, right after natural gas.

Among other benefits, besides cheap energy, the mayor's office will consider other influences. For example, special business zones for mining, where tax and infrastructural purposes will apply for firms and individuals whose activities are related to mining. He believes this would stimulate job creation in Miami and lure even more investment.

Texas and Wyoming have become attractive destinations for Chinese miners too, because of the combo of cheap electricity and the friendliness of the new asset class. Can Miami grab some of the attention of crypto miners?

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