Téhéran débarrassé des mineurs illégaux

Mindful of power outages in the Iranian capital last summer, the authorities actively searched for unregistered mining companies during the first half of the year. This has resulted in the closure of 9,404 farms since March 21, 2022, with 7,000 of them closed in June.

Illegal mining is quite common in Iran. In large cities, you can meet not only individual, but also collective mining. Moreover, many miners prefer to connect to the power supply network in public places - schools, mosques, in order to reduce costs. In doing so, they cause great damage to the economy.

Recall that in May 2021, Iran accounted for 4.5% of global mining. During the year, local miners mined $1 billion worth of bitcoins. However, since the majority worked illegally, the treasury did not receive a profit.

But this led to a significant overload of the energy system, and the authorities promised to eliminate this problem in 2022. As you can see, they approached its solution radically.

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