La ville du Sichuan obligera les mineurs à fermer leurs usines

Chinese media claim that the Energy Bureau of Ya'an City, Sichuan Province has decided to close local Bitcoin mining centers.

Ya'an ministry claims that during an official meeting of the authorities, a decision was made to oblige all miners in the city to stop their cryptocurrency activities from June 17, 22:00 local time. At the same time, even the approximate duration of the ban remains unknown, as in the case of the closure of mining centers in the provinces of Xinjiang, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia, which occurred earlier.

Local miners confirmed that they have already received an official notification from the ministry about the future procedure for checking their enterprises, after which their activities will be stopped. While we are talking about another meeting of the Ya’an Energy Bureau this Friday, but will there be a positive result from this?

One of the companies that received the notification, BlockBeats, said they would be forced to close all Bitcoin mines by June 25th. Among other things, we are talking about technoparks operating at the expense of hydropower.

Colin Wu said on his Twitter account that the sad events in the territory of Sichuan province have already affected the Ethereum hash, which fell by 7%, but the incident still did not affect the total Bitcoin hashrate. He also stressed that now in Sichuan there is a surplus of hydropower, which in the summer will simply have nowhere to go, and said that the position of the provincial authorities is still not entirely clear to him.

In addition, it is unclear whether Ya'an practice will spread to other cities in Sichuan. Since earlier this city became a real godsend for miners in search of cheap electricity, which was in surplus here, especially during the rainy season.

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