Le Qinghai devient la troisième province chinoise à interdire l'exploitation minière

China's Qinghai province followed the lead of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia by issuing a paper ordering the closure of local mining centers.

This morning, the network got information about a letter received by representatives of the Shandong Technopark, Xinjiang Province, in which the local department ordered to close all operations related to the extraction of cryptocurrencies on its territory. At the same time, the term expired today at 14:00 local time.

Considering the area of ​​the techno-park of 15,500 square meters, this news was disastrous for his leadership. In addition, on its territory, there are also firms whose main activities are directly associated with the extraction of coal and the use of the resulting electricity.

The scale of mining in Xinjiang exceeded even the notorious Inner Mongolia, whose authorities took the lead in tightening measures to combat digital currency miners. The miners had to literally flee the region to other provinces starting in March 2021.

As you know, trouble does not come alone. No sooner had the Chinese crypto community “digested” the news about Xinjiang, when the Qinghai Department of Industry and Information Technology made public a paper prohibiting mining in the province. This was motivated, as in the case with the order of the State Council of China, issued earlier, by concern for the ecological state of the country.

Qinghai authorities said they will take strict measures against any mining activity, conducting thorough checks in the region. Companies whose main business was mining were asked to submit a report to the local energy conservation commission until June 20 of this year.

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