Le maire de Miami s'oppose à la décision de New York d'interdire l'exploitation minière

We have already written that the New York Senate plans to introduce a 3-year ban on BTC mining to assess its impact on the environment

Bill S6486 deals with a really important topic. Mining using coal certainly harms the environment. However, there are many ways to improve this system. Therefore, the bill received criticism from various sources.

Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, said it was a step in the wrong direction. In the region he heads, they are betting on mining. It will be carried out using clean nuclear energy, which is supplied by InsideFPL.

Miami wants to become the world capital of mining and is making active steps in this direction. Considering various possibilities, so in Miami the decision, similar to the bill S6486, is not.

Recall that the creators of the new bill concerning the mining of Bitcoin, rely on their decision not only on the threat to the climate and ecology of the state of New York.

The S6486 also mentions that mining threatens global energy policy. It violates the Paris Agreement reached by many countries.

Politicians base their decision on facts. It turns out that 1 transaction in the BTC-blockchain leaves the same carbon footprint as 735 thousand Visa transactions. And every year, as the popularity of bitcoin grows, this figure grows.

Despite this, limiting mining is the wrong decision. You can mine Bitcoin with different energy sources. In the United States, for example, environmentally friendly energy from renewable sources is actively used. For example, hydroelectric power plants. Such mining does not harm nature and allows you to solve the problems.

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