GeForce RTX 3080 Ti fournira plus de hashrate


NVIDIA plans to release a new graphics card in May. It turns out that it will be more powerful than expected

Before the release date, more graphics card specifications appear on the Internet. For example, a photo of the GA102-225 graphics processor of the Ampere family, charged under the 12 Gb GDDR6X. It is not difficult to guess that the card under such parameters is perfect for mining.

So how many tokens can you use with the new card? According to the data received, the map provides hashing at a speed of 118.9 MH/s. During the study of the hashing power, a map without a mining limiter was used. Here are the figures...


It is worth recalling that NVIDIA plans to put on this card, as on the rest of RTX 30, a limit on the extraction of cryptocurrency. Of course, it can be removed, but will have to work hard.

It took the Driverbaki program and a month to crack the limiter on the 3060 card released in February. And it worked as it should. But initially the card was supplied with a 50% limit on mining.

This game of cat mouse strains both consumers and the company itself. NVIDIA bosses are tired of hearing complaints from gamers about the lack of cards.

They hope to popularise the new NVIDIA CMP GPU, designed exclusively for mining. The video cards with it will not have a video drive. So gamers will not be interested in the map. Let's see if the new map will take root in the field of mining.

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