Bitmain menace de poursuivre l'ex-réalisateur Wang Haichao

Bitmain representatives threatened to file a lawsuit against ex-director Wang Haichao, as they fear the creation of a “new Whatsminer”. This was stated by Colin Wu in his Twitter account.

According to him, the company is not interested in the emergence of a new rival firm under the leadership of one of its former top managers. It is for this reason that she sent a letter, certified by lawyers, warning of possible liability in case of violation of the intellectual rights of Bitmain and its products.

Wu claims that in addition to Wang Haichao, former Bitmain employees Fan Jing and Zou Tong also received letters. He also noted that Micree Zhan is afraid of potential competition and how negatively it can affect the company's activities.

The conflict between the current head of the company and ex-CEO Jihan Wu over the past two years has regularly surfaced when the company was mentioned in the media. This clearly did not benefit her positive image. In the fall of 2020, Wu enlisted the support of shareholders by removing Zhan from his position as CEO, to which he responded by accusing Wu of forging shareholders' signatures, saying that there was simply no meeting to remove Zhan from office.

However, now that the conflict is officially settled, and Wu left the company in the winter of this year, Zhan apparently decided to take care at the legal level so that in the future Bitmain would not have to resort to lawsuits again and become the main scandal for cryptocurrency publications.

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