Bitmain a temporairement suspendu les commandes de nouveaux mineurs BTC

Bitmain announced that it is temporarily suspending orders for its miners due to the growing demand for devices in the secondary market.

According to Chinese media reports, the largest miner manufacturer has stopped sales of new BTC miners so that crypto enthusiasts who sell their devices on the secondary market can sell them at a bargain price.

Representatives of the company noted that with such a gesture they seek to meet the miners who sell their devices, forming more favorable values for the equipment for them. In addition, Bitmain is most interested in protecting itself from the potential decline in the cost of its own devices and the forced sale at a loss in the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, despite the temporary refusal to trade devices for mining bitcoins, no one is going to cancel altcoin miners. The company will continue to supply its ASICs for mining “small altcoins”. It is still unknown when the sale of BTC equipment will resume.

According to the startup Sai Technology, today the flagship miner models from Whatsminer and Bitmain can be purchased at the rate of 150 yuan or $23 per Th s, while back in April this figure was at 600 yuan or $93 per Th s. s.

The decline in the cost of devices occurs in parallel with the decline in prices in China for Nvidia video cards, which have fallen in price by more than half. The very same Bitmain yesterday announced a complete move abroad.

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