Bitmain commande les premières puces 5 nm à TSMC

Chip company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has said it will produce 5nm chips for mining digital currencies.

The greater the heights of the main cryptocurrencies in the market, dragging all the altcoins with them, the more miners spend on equipment for their production. The companies developing it are also trying not to waste time in vain, despite the emerging shortage of semiconductors. Thus, one of the largest miner manufacturers Bitmain ordered the first batch of new N5 chips from Taiwanese TSMC for the line of its future line of devices.

TSMC will start producing chips as early as Q3 2021 and will be able to significantly increase production by Q1 2022. It is not yet known how high the demand for new devices will turn out to be, as well as whether the manufacturer will have problems with the supply of other microcircuits necessary for the manufacture of new 5-nm chips.

According to the company, TSMC N5 technology would be able to provide better transistor density, along with decent energy efficiency which is extremely important when it comes to ASIC miners. Naturally, it is worth considering the rising price of such devices. Although for flagship corporations like Apple and Huawei, the cost of gadgets of which has long crossed the 1000 bar, the price of systems on the crystal (SoC) does not play the same role as for the sellers of microcircuits.

For the first time, Bitmain mentioned a possible ASIC miner on a 5nm chip back in the fall of 2020. Then the co-founder of the company said that the first deliveries are scheduled for January 2021. However, there is still no exact information about Bitmain's N5-chip, but it would be logical to assume that the hashrate of devices based on it will increase significantly in comparison with their current offers.

In April, Bitmain announced a miner for Ethereum Antminer E9, hinting at record hashrate and power equivalent to 32nd Nvidia RTX 3080.

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