Binance a interrogé les utilisateurs de crypto

Binance conducted a survey among traders from the CIS. The aim is to find out how important cryptocurrencies are for the economic development of countries

83 percent of users believe that digital assets can become stable than traditional finance in 10 years. According to 61% of the respondents, this was made possible by the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative impact on the economy.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown sharply in 2020. This is evidenced by the survey data. It turned out that 1/4 of Binance users first heard about blockchain and digital currencies less than a year ago. And:

  • 38% started buying cryptocurrency, impressed by the growth of its value
  • 25% did not want to keep valuables in fiat currency because of distrust of the system of traditional finances
  • 18% felt that they were not satisfied with the profit from bank deposits

Most investors in cryptocurrencies (61%) positively assessed their investment experience in 2020. 38 percent of users are holdy. The same amount (37%) They're a trail. 37.7% kept cryptocurrencies in altcoins, not in BTC. 62% of investors did not have DeFi tokens in 2020.

Source of funds for investments in cryptocurrencies:

  • 59.3% of investors bought Bitcoin and altcoins from their earnings
  • 27.4 percent of respondents used savings
  • Less than 3 percent (2.9%) bought Bitcoin and altcoins on borrowed funds

When surveying the use of cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services, 71.5% of respondents said that such an option is important for them. It also became known that 72.7% have no experience in making purchases at the expense of cryptocurrency.

The binance cryptocurrency survey was conducted in January-February 2021. It was attended by 23,113 thousand people. Of these, Russians - 83.3%, Ukrainians - 12.8%, Kazakhs - 1%, other residents of the CIS - 2.9%.

The main respondents were male (92.8%) More than 58.2% are educated people. 57.2% are employees of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

You can get more information, register and start trading on Binance.

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