Polkamon - CryptoKitties de nouvelle génération

NFT is turning into dragons as part of the Polkamon project, created on the Polkadot platform in partnership with MorningStar Ventures and investment firm Moonrock Capital.

The token was named $PMON in honor of the creatures that are its virtual embodiment and may bring its future owners whole fortunes. Especially, given the fact that the wave of hype is experiencing now non-fungible tokens.

Polkamon is a collection of tokens with varying degrees of rarity. Behind each of them hides a funny creature. Some of them resemble dragons, others - rather birds or horses. To get one of the monsters, you have to use the ERC-20 token $PMON for "unpacking."

Each such "unpacking" will be burned a certain number of tokens, thereby providing owners with a constant increase in the value of their monsters. When you replace Polkamons with tokens $PMON and vice versa - you get additional rewards. But so far, the developers have not specified what kind of award is in question.

In total, the team will provide the market with 10 million tokens $PMON, of which 1.8 million tokens will be included in the initial offer. The cost of one $PMON on Uniswap is listed in the region of $0.40. However, hardly anyone will have time to buy tokens at such an attractive price. Not to mention the $0.35 listed on the Polkamon website for those who will receive their share of tokens before listing on the exchanges.

The project involves a cross-chain, so first will be available on Polkadot and Ethereum, and a little later the team plans to connect other blockchains.

To evaluate your collection, according to the developers, you can use decentralised mobile applications, or widgets, which allow you to conveniently store all Halfmons.

The Polkamon technology ecosystem consists of three layers. The basic is a decentralized NFT ownership system to increase liquidity and facilitate trade. The next layer enriches NFT by adding metadata and visuals - including unique sounds for your Halfmons. The top layer - confirms the ownership of the NFT token.

Some of you have probably seen a new generation of CryptoKitties in the project. Whether it is true or not - it is difficult to say yet, how to predict the price of these creatures.

Please note that tokens are not yet available for purchase. Therefore, if you see "sellers" - boldly bypass them. Better yet, complain about the scam.

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