Ethereum passe au point de vente : ce que nous devons savoir…

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), is about to undergo massive changes. The date of The Merge, that is, the merger, has been repeatedly postponed, however, the transition date is already known - September 15-16, 2022. There are only a few weeks left before the most significant and large-scale event of the crypto market. Consider the upcoming event in more detail.

general review

This will be the first ever transition of a healthy Proof of Work blockchain to Proof of Stake. The merger is the merging of the existing Ethereum blockchain with its new Beacon Chain consensus layer. This step will allow the project to be upgraded for greater scalability, security and sustainability.

The merger also removes the hassle of energy-intensive mining. But as expected, not all the ETH community is happy with the transition, as it creates a lot of difficulties for miners. 

Is Ethereum Upgrade ETH-2?

No, after the merger, there will not be two separate Ethereum networks – there will be only one single Ethereum.

To avoid confusion in terminology, the community has updated the terms " ETH 1 " and " ETH 2 " for common understanding:

  • "ETH 1" is now the "execution layer" that handles transactions.
  • "ETH 2" is now a "consensus layer", which will work on the Proof of Stake mechanism.

What is happening with ETH now?

According to OKLink, miners have begun accumulating ETH in anticipation of the transition. Their total balance reached a three-year high of 255,000 ETH. As for the ETH rate, a change in the consensus mechanism can positively affect the dynamics of the coin. You can track the ETH/USDT rate on the KUNA platform . 

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