La blockchain Bitcoin sera finalisée par des spécialistes du MIT pendant 4 ans

MIT launches Bitcoin support project. It will be used to conduct research and development to maintain the health of the blockchain for the first cryptocurrency

$4 million was allocated for this project. Companies such as CoinShares, Twitter, MicroStrategy, Fidelity Digital Assets have invested in it. The task of scientists is to make the Bitcoin blockchain work like a clock.

The work is designed for four years. Scientists are to refine the main blockchain software. It is also necessary to understand how to establish the stability of the network after the last Bitcoin is mined. Given the importance of BTC, this is an important task.

Software and code errors are usually corrected by the developers in the core group. Their work is paid for by various grants. However, there are those who work for free. They also make a significant contribution to the development of blockchain.

The task of the MIT team is to support and guide such professionals. This will raise the network security and solve Bitcoin's problems. Thanks to the improvements, the first cryptocurrency will be able to better infiltrate our society and bring more benefits.

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