Winklevoss: Bitcoin n'a pas besoin d'avoir peur de l'interdiction aux États-Unis

Tyler Winklevoss, is confident that Bitcoin will not be banned in the U.S.

The speed of adoption of the first cryptocurrency is too high. There are also many precedents in the courts. Therefore, the U.S. will not ban the use of BTC.

Perhaps, if the situation had stood, as in 2013, Bitcoin could be banned. But now, when investors were allowed to invest, and Bitcoin soared in price, it simply will not be possible to ban its use.

This is short-sighted, because companies working in the cryptosphere, develop the economy, pay taxes, provide employment. Many of them are listed on the stock exchange.

If the authorities decide to ban Bitcoin, it will require a lot of effort and financial expenses. The restrictions imposed will have a negative impact on the economy. Therefore, a ban is unlikely.

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