Révéler l'identité de Nakamoto causera des dommages irréparables à BTC

The interest that Satoshi Nakamoto's identity is causing could cause Bitcoin to collapse. This is according to some members of the cryptocurrency community

Disclosure of confidential information about the identity of the creator of the flagship cryptocurrency can have the most negative result and bring risk to the entire cryptosphere.

This is the opinion not only of individual investors, but also of large companies. For example, Coinbase, which plans to soon list on the Nasdaq, is extremely concerned about a possible disclosure.

The SEC on Thursday referred to S-1 document in which the firm mentioned the high risk of such disclosure for both Bitcoin and its business. It is worth noting that the risk is not groundless.

In 2020, there was a rumor that bitcoin mined by Satoshi Nakamoto began to move. Since Satoshi has at least a million such coins, it can have a huge impact on the market. This will prevent the decentralisation of the project. In short, there are reasons to worry.

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