L'administration américaine Jackson examine le potentiel de crypto-monnaie

The American city of Jackson, located in Tennessee, plans to engage in mining and pay wages with cryptocurrencies

According to the mayor of the city Scott Conger, the authorities are seriously considering the integration of cryptocurrencies into the city's financial system. Mining can help increase the balance of funds in the accounts. And it will be possible to pay salaries to civil servants with Bitcoins.

It's the technology of the future. Therefore, it is not surprising that representatives of the city administration of Jackson are interested in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

We have already written that the same opinion is held by the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez. Earlier, he reported that he did not rule out the possibility of paying salaries to civil servants in Bitcoins. Also, 1 percent of the city's budget can be transferred to Bitcoins.

The Miami Government voted to study ways to integrate cryptocurrencies into the urban economy. Let's wait for the good news!

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