Sky Global accusé de blanchiment d'argent via des crypto-monnaies

Telecom operator Sky Global, headquartered in Vancouver, has been accused of laundering millions of dollars in money through cryptocurrencies.

Money laundering is one of the pressing problems for financial regulators of the world's largest countries. One of the recent high-profile cases in this "area" was the operator of communication services, whose CEO Jean-Francois Il was arrested by the U.S. Department of Justice. On March 19, the company ceased operations and their website was confiscated by FBI agents.

According to a statement to the Federal Court of the Southern District of California, Canadian Sky Global laundered cryptocurrencies for criminal organisations, operating millions of dollars. They sold encryption devices to facilitate drug trafficking in Asia, Europe, Australia and the North American region.

U.S. law enforcement agencies noted that Sky Global used its own infrastructure to cover up illegal activities. Including income, exchange of data with encrypted devices, as well as transactions in cryptocurrencies, received by them from criminal organisations.

Most of the time, Bitcoin was used to facilitate shady transactions and to ensure the anonymity of its associates. In addition, the telecom operator charged customers $1,200 for 6 months.

Even after his detention, the ceo of the firm denied all the accusations against the company, saying that the authorities had not informed them of any lawsuits, unlike the media. He called it an erosion of the right to privacy, adding that Sky Global was not created to prevent police from controlling criminal organisations.

According to Jean-Francois Ila, Sky Global was created so that no one could spy on people around the world. He is sure that the U.S. Government deliberately denigrates anyone who opposes unreasonable surveillance of their lives.

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