Comment perdre 2 millions de dollars: achetez 2 voitures d'occasion pour 36 BTC

We found a curious video in which the author with the nickname nsxtra tells about the most epic file in his life. When a couple of years ago he sold 37 Bitcoins to buy two cars. Today, these coins are worth more than two million dollars

A Fan of Honda cars has purchased two used sports car Honda NSX. The first car is a bright red Honda NSX Targa.

On this car, which, in fact, cost the author of the video one million dollars, he drives most often. He purchased the car in 2017. Neat on St. John's Day. Valentine. He paid $30,500 for it, though the car could have cost up to $55,000.

The man also purchased the second car during the holiday. Only now - on Black Friday. On this day in 2018, he paid $26,000 for another Honda NSX.

Cars make him happy. When asked how he felt, a user with the nickname nsxtra admitted that at the time of purchase thought it was a good investment. Bitcoin went up in 2017. The man got a good profit and decided to please himself.

Now he's just in shock. The day he shot the video, Bitcoin tested $50,000. He now had $2.1 million. He's just beside himself. It still has a cryptocurrency, but such large BTC reserves no longer exist.

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