Horizon Labs croit que CBDC ajoute de la valeur à BTC

National digital currencies have received the most attention in 2020. Many countries, including China, Russia, France, have announced their interest in digital currencies. If many countries have their own CBDCs, how will this affect the crypto market in general?

Horizen Lab CEO Dean Steinbeck believes the emerging ecosystem of national currencies will increase the adoption and availability of digital money around the world. CBDCs will also impact the market performance positively. This means that Bitcoin will also win.

Many cryptocurrencies have already been tested. For example, we have written about the Chinese yuan experiment and the French digital cryptocurrency pilot.

Although the European Central Bank has not yet decided how to approach this issue, the success of the above-mentioned digital national currencies cannot be written off.

In many ways they develop, thanks to state control. Each state sets its own CBDC value, but the exact data are not yet known.

In terms of influence, Bitcoin is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency with no legal tender status. It is a stable and self-sufficient currency. And the launch of CBDC is unlikely to negatively affect its value.

But the national digital currency can affect the stablecoins backed by fiat money. Decred co-founder Jake Yocom-Piatt said this.

The action will be positive. The collective formation of regulatory policies and regulations in the cryptosphere is driving the development of cryptocurrencies. This means that with the launch of national rubles, euros, yuan, the cryptosphere will benefit.