Elon «Pump» Musk a infecté Twitter avec Bitcoin

Twitter is a powerful Bitcoin engine. The activity of posts in social networks related to the first cryptocurrency, significantly increased after a powerful pump on the part of Elon Musk. We called him Mr. Pump

First, Musk added the Bitcoin tag to his profile, then endorsed Bitcoins and cryptocurrency prospects and lamented that he seemed late to board the departing train...

And then, once, and it turned out that Tesla took and bought BTC for as much as 1.5 billion dollars. This is a bold step, in the spirit of lost profit syndrome.



Mr. Pump, as a hamster, chooses the most delicious of the world of cryptocurrencies and makes stocks. He's a doge, as many celebrities do. It's fashionable, cool and fun, but with all my heart believes in Bitcoin. Proof of this has been seen this week...

Elon Musk and BTC also rocked social media. More than 144,000 tweets were posted on Twitter during the day, four thousand more than during the peak period of January 3. This has had a positive impact on the crypto market as a whole. The price of cryptocurrencies has increased without significant fluctuations and kickbacks.

An interesting result of Mr. Pump's work is that all twitter's attention is focused on Bitcoin. Social media users even missed the launch of futures on ETH. Conversations on the subject have become half the size of Twitter after the recent peak.

Let's hope that the current rise of the cryptocurrency will lead to even greater highs. In theory, if everything goes the same as in 2017, we will soon see Bitcoin at $390,000.